In the last few days I’ve been asking people about their plans for New Year’s Eve. So I wrote down some of the more popular and interesting responses.

  1. Get drunk
  2. Get wasted
  3. Get drunk and wasted
  4. Make up for entire year’s worth of disappointing parties
  5. Rape
  6. Anxiously host new Year’s party and pray friends come through with the drugs
  7. Finish New Year’s resolutions list
  8. Snort as much cocaine as possible before New Year’s resolutions list kicks in
  9. Surf the internet through tears
  10. Avoid ex-boyfriend
  11. Hook up with ex-girlfriend
  12. Count backwards and scream in unison
  13. Vomit in acceptable location
  14. Urinate in hilarious location
  15. Drive safely while drunk, which means wearing an eye patch to compensate for double vision

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