Conan is scorching the earth as he leaves NBC. He just spent 1.5 million on a segment just to spite the network that has spurned him.

Conan blowing 1.5 mil
Conan blowing 1.5 mil
Here are some more ways Conan can waste NBC’s money:

  1. Buy the audience tickets on the space jet
  2. Have Andy Richter replaced with a shark
  3. Destroy the Bugatti Veyron Mouse using a huge, solid gold mousetrap
  4. Give each audience member White Alba Truffle with creamy ranch dipping sauce
  5. Pay to have a man killed
  6. Bet 400k on a cockfight
  7. Bailout a poorly run financial giant
  8. Commission a study to determine once and for all which sinks to the bottom of the ocean faster: gold, diamonds or the Bugatti Veyron Mouse
  9. Challenge champion gergitator Takeru Kobyashi to beluga caviar eating contest.
  10. Donate 1 million in disaster relief to Haiti on behalf of CBS

Written by Miles K and Colin Elzie

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