2How are things?

1Things are good.


1Yes. There are many things and all of them are all good.

2That is great.

1Yes you are right and it is true. How are things for you?

2Very new. There is a thing I did not have before but now I do and it is good.

1Is it a talking thing?

2Yes. It talks all the time and it fucks as well.

1Is it fucking you?

2Very much. It fucks and talks and sometimes it does both at once.

1I understand. That is exciting.

2I agree that you understand.

1I had a talking fucking thing and then I did not and it was bad.

2That is bad. You had the thing and then you did not.

1Right! I hate it when I don’t have something that I did. It makes no sense. If I have a thing how can it go away? It is mine!

2It is confusing when you bring fuck into a thing, is my opinion


1Your opinion is very good. You have many of them and they are all very smart.

2They are like facts except it is impossible to check them.

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