Wikileaks releases thousands of classified ads
The preeminent whistleblower website, Wikileaks, has posted thousands of classified advertisements offering goods and services. The ads are part of an effort to raise money for the website which has been assailed by government attacks, legal and otherwise. The ads feature a variety of goods including toasters, cars, television stands, computers and even a collection of beanie babies all for sale by individuals across the country.

Some have questioned whether the ad service might compromise Wikileak’s objectivity just as other media outlets are influenced by corporate sponsorship. Spokesperson Julian Assange has rebuffed the complaints saying, “Wikileaks is committed to providing transparency in government and the views of Bill Mathers, who’s selling a gorgeous, hardly used hoover vaccuum, will have no influence on our efforts.”

Wiccans teach children true meaning of Halloween
Many American practitioners of Wicca are concerned that with all the excitement over costumes and candy their children are missing out on the greater meaning of Halloween or Samhain as it is known in the neopagan cult. “This festival is rooted in the concepts of death and ancestry and many people seem to have forgotten that. Today on the internet I saw a Mark Zuckerberg mask,” said High Priestess Tracy Malgrove.

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