Conclusion Of Angry Birds Leaves Man Feeling Nothing

AUSTIN, TX – After completing all levels of the hit mobile game Angry Birds, Colin Bryson felt no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. “Basically I was just playing it when I didn’t want to work on other stuff or when I was riding public transit,” said the listless office worker. Lead designer Hal Asher explained, “Angry Birds uses a simple physics simulator to create a series of small mundane challenges. These challenges help players to disengage from their immediate surroundings.” Asher further commented, “so by the time you finish there’s no sense of arc or drama, you just realize you’ve basically been digging holes in the ground and filling them back up again. It’s best not to think about it too much and just go ahead get our amusing new sequel Angry Birds Rio.”

New Restaurant Concept Humiliates Staff In Fun, Exciting Way

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jackie’s, the in your face new eating concept from Viacom Consumer Products, offers a fresh service experience for families seeking fun. At Jackie’s waitstaff must compete for the privilege of serving a table through singing, juggling and whatever it takes to win the honor. “Our idea here was to make the eater-tainment experience extra entertaining without additional cost to consumers,” said vice president in charge of marketing Don Eggers. “Working at Jackie’s is a blast and a half. No two blasts!” insisted Ashley Crest as she recovered from a hand stand performed for six high school seniors. Families can find the noisy, raucous pit located on Pier 39 in San Francisco CA.

Toothless Old Man Goes To Town On Birthday Cake

Soft, yielding morsel delights declawed maw

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