Star and Heelo, two people in a cooperative living environment, sit down to enjoy America’s favorite Guessing game.

Does your person dissaprove of Andy and Ashley's relationship?

Heelo: Has your person faced a lot of additional challenges in their life?
Star: I’m not sure what you mean?
Heelo: (Whispers) Are they African American?
Star: I don’t see color I only see people.

Star: Does your person identify as male?
Heelo: No.
Star: Then your person makes 75% of what a man would make.
Heelo: I don’t know..
Star: Well it’s a fact

Star: Does your person have a hat?
Heelo: I don’t want to make assumptions about what they don’t own but no.
Star: You fascist.

Star: Who is your person really?
Heelo: Matt.

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