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Re-Captioned Comic Book

Third Party Presidential Candidates

Co-written with Alison Stevenson Sure we’d all like a voice in government but influencing one of the two major candidates can cost a fortune. But wait, off brand third party candidates can be bought at a fraction of the cost and there’s so many more to choose from. That’s why we bring you a list […]

1 Weird, Old Trick to Make 75hr by Whitening Your Teeth

This single mome discovered this trick and DENTISTS HATE HER. Whiten your teeth just using an old, home secret…

Title Remix

Experimental NES Games

co-written with Jesse Fernandez and Jesse Elias After days of painstaking internet research, 8-bit archaeologists from Japan have unearthed several NES titles stricken from public memory. So frustrating and disorienting are these titles that only the Japanese could love them. They have tirelessly reconstructed cover art and screenshots to force these abominations back into the […]


Hey did you guys realize that by today’s standards these once fat kids just look like normal teens? We did it!

George & George #1

7 Fast Facts About Paul Ryan

co-written with Jesse Elias, originally published at ebaums world Paul Ryan (or Ryan Paul, as he is known to gym teachers) is Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick. But who is he really? Using the latest internet technology we have begun to uncover some interesting facts you may not know about the guy:  1. Paul Ryan […]

George RR Martin’s Delay

North Korea at the Olympics

originally published at North Korea, the world’s last stronghold of hard line communism, has been grabbing a lot of gold in the 2012 Olympics. The stakes are high for the athletes: winners will be generously rewarded when they return home, while losers would be best advised to seek political asylum.

Penn State Infographic

Co-written with Jesse Elias and Jesse Fernandez

I Sit in on a Sex Advice Show

Show StreamerThe Mission Position welcomes two of the bay area’s favorite comedians. I know I say that about all of our guests, but this time I mean it. OK, well maybe not the bay area’s favorites, but certainly Matt and Kate’s favorite comedians: Caitlin Gill and Miles K. via Radiovalencia

Bane Meme

Obama Joke

My Horrible Experience Performing at Era Art Bar for a show titled “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You”

So here’s what happened: I arrived at the show and checked in with the doorperson, introduced myself to the host, and found a seat. At some point the other comics tell me that the show runner is looking for me. I saw her talking to a couple of people so I walked up and stood […]

The Most Uninteresting Man in the World

Jackie Chan

Cartoon Time!


Frat Boy Fortune Cookies