The Trip

This is a short sketch that I wrote to illustrate the absurdity of the near-death mindset, and the often dark comedy that has taken hold in recent decades. If you like, print it out, get some special effects and iMovie and go shoot the thing – I’d love to see how it plays out in […]


Presidents’ day was inaugurated in 1880 as a whole extra day for, and experienced exclusively by, the President. During this day he could spend his time as he wished in leisure or just catching up on errands without having to worry about the forward arrow of time generating events that would effect the rest of […]

These days we have to press a button or turn a knob in order to cook our food but in the future we won’t have to go to all the trouble. Instead, we will have slaves who push buttons and turn knobs for us. You may be asking, “won’t we just have robots in the future?” and we will have robots, who will whip our slaves.