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Remember when it was fun to to fill out a new social media profile?

“There are two types of people in this world: people who manage content and content.” -Guy Anthony

The Internet has revolutionized the way we watch people fall off stuff.

People used to get excited about the arrival of the mail each day; now they can get excited about it all day.

“Tired of online dating? You’re not alone.” Yes you are. That’s why you’re dating online.

When I want to mess with someone I show up to a Craigslist casual encounter wearing a tuxedo.

My personality is better suited to anti-social media.

If the Internet has all the answers we suffer from a poverty of questions.

Creepy Facebook Status Updates

Can’t tell whether I just got fired or quit but either way my boss is dead.

“You ever get the feeling someone’s watching you? Well it’s me.” -Mark Zuckerberg

I want to start a dating site for stalkers where all the women who are on the site don’t realize it.

Neighbors are people we wish would get more reliable wireless internet.

Here’s an emoticon you don’t see very often: ;(