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Try walking into a room with a boombox and gun and yelling out, “Everybody get down!”

I stopped paying attention to music before it was cool.

I was into Weird Al before it was cool- and that remains the case.

When in line for the porta-potty at a concert you’re really waiting your turn to leave the bathroom, not enter it.

My grandma thinks the iPod shuffle is a dance move.

Most people don’t realize that the song “Come on Eileen” was actually just a song about what’s on Eileen.

There’s a subtle distinction between going to a concert and yelling out, “play another one” versus yelling, “play a different one.”

It’s always fun to go to a music open mic and request your favorite songs… on the jukebox.

A girl once sprayed me with mace. I screamed, “Bitch! You blinded me with science!”

Pop music gives meaning to our lives in the same way gold paint adds value to a chair.

Indie Rock is the only culture where fans wish poverty on their heroes.