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The problem with our system is that it’s possible to empty a bank account but not to fill it.

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Equality for All.” That’s just equality.

When you study philosophy in college people always ask “what kind of a job will you get with that?” But in this economy I have a ready reply which is, “Same thing as you. Nothing.”

Pleasure and pain seem not like distinct entities so much as a single system of Good Cop Bad Cop.

The desire for sex ruins life.

Property is theft and if you agree but think I stole the notion then I suggest you reconsider.

Here’s why I don’t want kids: sex is amazing and anything that feels that good must have a terrible consequence.

A threat is an armed promise.

Metaphors are a doorway made from language leading out.

Economic depression crushes the hopes of shallow materialists.

Free will is the belief that we are not bound by the chain of events.

A Post-Modernist takes the difference between fact and belief to be merely a matter of opinion.

Two people wandering through the desert look back on their tracks and say, “Well, at least we’re making progress.”