The Trip

This is a short sketch that I wrote to illustrate the absurdity of the near-death mindset, and the often dark comedy that has taken hold in recent decades. If you like, print it out, get some special effects and iMovie and go shoot the thing – I’d love to see how it plays out in […]

The Tent

A younger man CAM, dressed in overalls, is talking with GUS who is old. CAM What a day huh Gus? GUS You’ve got to get one more tent up before nightfall but I can’t help you with it. CAM Why? You tired or something? GUS No I can’t help you with that tent, because it’s […]

Nevermind: a micro sketch

A room with the living room furniture of the working class. Andy is thin and well dressed, his stocky father, Leo, sits, both hairy arms crossed over his chest, next to Andy’s worried looking mother, Helen. Andy: Mom, Dad, there’s something I’ve needed to tell you for a long time- jeez this is hard- and […]