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I would rather watch Alternate-Reality TV, like “166 and Pregnant.”

Was the villain from Richie Rich just a poor kid?

“America’s Got Talent” should end in a question mark.

Have you guys heard of this reality show, “Who’s the Fattest Loser?”

Antiques Road Show of the Post-Apocalypse

Announcer: Welcome to Antiques Road Show. This week we bring you to the Burning Waste, home of the longest continual funeral pyre. Will we discover treasures from before the shattering of the world? I hope so. A stinking barbarian clad in leather stands across from an appraiser. They are both standing outside in a barren […]

If a 19th century schoolmaster was given a TV show it’d be called, “Kids are forbidden from saying the darndest things.”

I’m pitching a reality TV show called, “Who’s the Saddest Loser?” It’s just about clinically depressed people trying to get out of bed.

Reality is a subset of modern living. It’s something one has the option of entering when bored with fantasy.

HBO: Intelligent drama with tits and ass.

By the time you can afford a high definition television you no longer have the high definition eyesight necessary to enjoy it.

It’s tough not to live in fear when there’s a massive conspiracy pumping it into the air around us.

Television should be asking itself, “what’s the best way to raise a child?”

I think kids these days are watching too much TV. The other day I saw two kids playing. The little girl said to the boy, “Let’s play house.” He told her, “Alright. But I get to be House.”

The funniest things in life are the things that happened last night on TV.